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About Dr. Diamond

Founder/Owner – CEO

Multi-faceted like a Diamond, ArLyne Diamond, Ph.D. has extensive experience in a wide range of disciplines (business, education, psychology, law, marketing, management and consulting) enabling her to see things from a variety of angles, quickly cleaving to the essence of a problem, offering her clients creative and practical solutions.

As a Professional Development Consultant, she helps those on the fast track for promotion, as well as professionals in private practice. Her clients improve their interpersonal relationship skills, image, and management style as well as their strategic decision making abilities. They learn to work well with superiors, subordinates and projects. She consults with professionals about business practices, development, staff management, customer service and marketing.

Products/Services Provided

Specializing in people and processes in the workplace, Dr. Diamond helps her clients get the most out of themselves and others through personal counseling, group workshops, public speaking, education, and training. All of her work is individually customized based on the client's needs and time.

Target Market/Audience

She works with entire departments, teams, small groups, and individuals, at every level in an organization, from Boards of Directors and upper management to support staff. ArLyne works with professional practices, businesses, non-profit associations, and government agencies (including police and fire), as well as with professional and career development for individuals.

Show Appearance

Episode 1: Interpersonal Relationships in a Global Environment :: Listen Now →
Join us as Dr. Diamond discusses the soft skills of interpersonal relationships and how people treat each other, and in particular how managers managing people is critically important to the success of any workplace.

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