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Mark Susnow knows change. He is passionate about you making positive changes in your life, so that it becomes a vibrant, on-going journey of growth and discovery. Mark is an Executive Life Coach, Life Discovery Guide, author, JD, and recognized thought leader, with more than fourteen years coaching experience and thirty years of daily meditation and yoga practice. More than inspiring his clients, readers and radio program listeners to believe in themselves, he also motivates you to start taking action to live a more fulfilling life.

His enthusiastic and inspiring keynotes on change, leadership and connection consistently reach into your audiences and engages them in stepping through long needed changes. Mindfulness: Supporting the 'New Competitive Edge' Mark supports his private and organizational clients who have been newly embracing meditation, mindfulness, and self-awareness practices with a variety of resources. Familiar with many modalities, Mark coaches clients as they begin, keep, navigate and integrate the inner changes such practices often generate. Mark's interest in helping people and social change led to his first career as a San Francisco trial attorney. The New York Times, Rolling Stone Magazine, Boston Globe and The San Francisco Chronicle all covered his exciting legal career. He is the author of Dancing on the River: Navigating Life's Changes. Most recently he has written Discover the Leader Within. He is a coauthor, along with Zig Ziglar and Brian Tracy in 101 Great Ways to Improve your life. Mark continues to expand his own personal life journey as an avid hiker, musician and writer.

Products/Services Provided

Individual executive life coaching and programs relating to change, leadership and communication. Mark's most popular program is "How Leaders can Get on the Positive Side of Change."

Target Market/Audience

Individuals and organizations who are committed to making a difference in the world.

Show Appearance

Episode 2: How Leaders Can Get on the Positive Side of Change :: Listen Now →
Mark Susnow shares with you a successful coaching program he designed for individuals and groups around 8 Proven Principles and Practices for Navigating Change. When you integrate these same principles and practices into your own life you can better live the life you dream.

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